Repairs undertaken to all types of guitar amps and musical electronic equipment.  From mixing consoles to PA speakers, effects pedals to guitar jacks and controls. All common valve types held in stock. Computer controlled valve testing available.

Electronics design from circuitry concept through schematic generation, simulation, PCB design, manufacture and production testing. Specialising in stringed instrument preamps but also experienced in applications for hydrophones, custom filters and industrial sensor interfaces. Please contact us to see if we can help you.


Guitar amps (valve and solid state), guitar electrics, PA system equipment, small and large scale mixing consoles, vintage hifi amps, keyboards, FX pedals etc.


Custom guitar and bass preamps for piezo and electromagnetic pickups. Hydrophone amplifiers, anti-aliasing filters, sensor interfaces, power supplies and industrial controls. Bespoke PCB design to your specification using Altium Designer.


Amps, valves, passives, semiconductors and loudspeakers. Computer controlled frequency response analysis available for circuitry and loudspeakers. FFT and chirp.


Printed circuit boards assembled in house using surface mount and through-hole technologies. All PCB design carried out in house together with assembly and test. Small production runs a speciality. Full management of all materials and components including documentation. High reliability, industrial application PCB assembly work carried out in collaboration with a local PCB manufacturer.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for Guitar amp repair and modification, PA equipment repair, custom electronics design and manufacture in Clevedon, Bristol and Somerset.

Design solutions

Custom designed assemblies to fit specific guitars requiring amplification of signals from piezo and electromagnetic pickups.  Circuitry is designed so as to optimise frequency response and headroom while maximising battery life and minimising noise. Various tone control options available. DC switched, indirect pickup selection also an option to help reduce noise.

Reverb Tank driver and recovery circuits (and effects loops) that can be custom designed for your specific application. Typically used in old valve amps.

Dedicated power supply regulation motherboard solution with integral ethernet switch and RS485 interfaces. Used in sonar equipment.