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Repair and Test

Custom Circuits Ltd is based in Clevedon, North Somerset. We specialise in the repair and modification of all types of Guitar Amps. Repair work can also be undertaken on other types of musical electronics such as PA Amps, Mixers, Pedals etc. Guitar pickup replacement as well as the renewal of controls, jacks and switches is also catered for. So whether your 100W monster Marshall needs a full valve replacement and re-biasing or you just need the input jack replacing, give us a call on 01275 544243 or (email) to see if we can help. For a friendly but highly professional service by a qualified Electronics Engineer with over 30 years experience, please contact Custom Circuits Ltd.

Design and Manufacture

If you need electronic circuitry or equipment designed to your specification then we can do that too. With extensive experience in the fields of Design, Test and Manufacture in Aerospace & Defense and Industrial environments, you can be assured of a professional service dedicated to serving your requirements. We have the capability to design our own Printed Circuit Boards in house and have them manufactured for very reasonable rates. Prototypes and low volume a speciality.

Custom Designed Instrument Electronics

Need new valves?

Custom Circuits Ltd can replace single rectifier or preamp valves as well as full matched sets of power valves. Biasing levels will be checked in cathode biased applications to ensure power dissipation is within specification. For amps with adjustable bias, these will be checked and adjusted were necessary. A full inspection of all circuitry is carried out as a normal routine to ensure valve failure was not a symptom of some other circuit failure. Front panel controls will also be 'cleaned' as standard procedure to reduce crackling and noise.

Guitar wiring and controls

Not only can we repair your amp we can also repair and modify your guitar. Need new pickups? Got noisy controls? Switches that don't switch? Jack sockets that spin round and cut your signal? Not a problem. Just call to discuss your requirements. No job too small.

We can both supply and fit or you can supply your own parts and we will just supply the expertise to install them for you. Your choice. Following installation, we can also set up the action and adjust the intonation.

Keep warm while you play!

Solid State? We do that too